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Stereopal Home Visit:   Scott Robinson                                                                                                   Date:  Sept 26, 2005



     " Keep an open mind, and listen carefully without your Audiophile ego.  You may discover something

                     new with Hi Fidelity, such is my experience with Song Audio."   ..... Scott Robinson






While I was compiling post-visitation materials for the Song Audio Visit, I thought it may be a good idea to obtain some objective opinion from actual home users.

Scott is a satisfied customer of Song Audio's products.  He enjoys a variety of music ranging from Pop, Rock'n Roll, classical and jazz.   One of his favorite title is Sarah McLachlan's Surfacing.  

When asked to compare the sound of his current system to his previous (Marantz 8B, Pass 3, Monitor Audio Spkr), Scott said the sound is so good he literally had goose bumps when he first listened to it.


System Components:


CD Player: Naim CD 2
Amplifier: Song Audio SA-34 SB (Single Ended Triode, Zero Feedback, EL34 tubes)
Speaker: Loth-X Amaze
Speaker Stand: Target R1 24" Lead Shot filled
Interconnects: Kimber Kable
Speaker Cable: DNM Cable "Rosen" Single Solid Core




Scott's Comments:


"Sometimes it may be difficult to present different sounds to Audiophiles.   If you hang on to your views tightly, you may be disappointed with Song Audio.   But if you listen closely without your Audiophile ego, you may discover something new. 


When I first heard the El34 amplifier, I literally had goose bumps.   This system is very musical, coherent, and detailed.  I  was hearing things which I weren't noticing before with my old system.    Sometimes when you watch television shows, you can hear blue jays singing in the background and it will be so realistic that you'll think the bird is actually in your living room.


Unlike some vintage tube designs, my system is very clean and detailed while maintaining a warm and luscious mid-range. The bass is not bloated at all, but just adequate."



        Tried and True, NAIM CD players are build like a tank.  The whole external chassis is machined

        from 1 piece of solid aluminum.



        Scott's equipments sits on Vibrapods.



                   There's a magic to Single Driver designs, a coherency unachievable through multiple driver units.



                                                                        Loth-X Amaze




 Beatfully crafted, the chrome chassis is reflective like a mirror.

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